4/25/2001; 1:50:54 AM

CNET: iMotors shutters site. The online car retailer has run out of gas, according to a note posted on its Web site, becoming the latest online car site to shut down.
8:12:17 PM  

CNN: U.S. crew unable to destroy all secrets on surveillance plane.
8:12:05 PM  

Salon.com: Here’s to you, Ms. Robinson. “I’m smitten with the host of ‘Weakest Link.'” I’m not.
4:11:08 PM  

BBC: Dinosaur was covered in feathers. A new fossil suggests that some dinosaurs were covered in feathers that evolved long before they were used for flight.
1:51:15 PM  

CNET: Chernobyl virus set to wake up. Known as CIH, or the more dire-sounding Chernobyl, the virus first hit a month after the Melissa virus three years ago and is due to strike again Thursday.
1:50:15 PM  

The Register: Microsoft security fixes infected with FunLove virus. “Is this the worst security screw up ever?”
12:27:45 PM  

BBC: Why elephants don’t forget. A study of African elephants reveals that dominant females build up a social memory as they get older, helping the herd to survive.
12:27:26 PM  

Thought Log: “I was going to write something here that was cool, but I forgot what it was. I’ll fill it in when I remember it. Watch this space.”
1:50:54 AM  

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