4/26/2001; 2:38:00 PM

Salon.com: The drug war goes to college. “What kind of vindictive social agenda could lead to a law that denies financial aid to a student convicted of smoking a joint but not one convicted of rape, murder, arson or armed robbery?”
11:49:08 PM  

Jake’s XML-RPC Weblog: “I just posted test results for Paul Kulchenko’s XMLRPC::Lite 0.50. It passes everything except the struct and structArray tests. This brings the number of XML-RPC interop testing participants to eight.” Paul tells me structs are fixed; results page to be updated very soon…
2:40:48 PM  

Brent: “Honest uncomplicated pleasures are hard to come by in the year 2001. When you’ve found one, don’t let go. Pleasure is a human need.”
2:39:47 PM  

BBC: Russian Soyuz capsule up for sale. A used Russian Soyuz space capsule goes on sale with the owners looking for at least $2m.
2:39:21 PM  

Family Complains About Dead Passenger. (via W6 Daily)
2:38:57 PM  

Salon.com: Does the U.S. spy too much?. In the wake of the spy plane flap with China, experts propose international rules of order that would limit excessive espionage.
2:38:23 PM  

Jeff: “I don’t think $1 million is enough for what Sandra Perry went through…”
2:38:00 PM  

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