4/29/2001; 3:08:33 AM

The Register: Microsoft issues bounty for OS-less PC buyers. “We always thought ‘compliant’ had decidedly negative connotations, as in: ‘a spineless, compliant little boot-licker’. Leave it to Microsoft to sell submissiveness as a virtue. “
11:54:58 PM  

Scripting News: “Watch Craig Burton work.”
11:50:14 PM  

AthenaDoc.Com: “I spent a day at an elite (or elitist) meeting of biomedical researchers this weekend… I had to leave when one of my colleagues offered "Help" in a manner that was so patronizing and offensive that I knew I could no longer contain myself…”
11:49:27 PM  

Wes: “I’m supposed to be planning my US tour. I knew there was something.”
7:53:23 PM  

Simon Fell: “More SOAP woes. How many more nightmare’s like this are lurking around. I think the S in SOAP no longer stands for Simple but for Schema’s”
7:52:46 PM  

CNN: Guitarist Eddie Van Halen confirms he has cancer.
7:52:03 PM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: patrician.
3:08:33 AM  

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