5/2/2001; 1:56:52 PM

Inside.com: NPR Staffers Astonished By Decision Not to Air Executions, Which Went to WNYC Instead. “All Things Considered bungled an offer from renowned documentarian David Isay for tapes of Georgia electrocutions, to be broadcast tonight on public radio. ‘It’s a hell of a story … Why did we do this to him?'”
4:32:12 PM  

New Scientist: George Bush’s nuclear missile defence system will not work, say analysts.
4:31:51 PM  

Salon: Missile defense goes global. Bush seeks to woo Europe while violating our hallmark arms control agreement with Russia. Analysts react to the president’s speech.
1:57:28 PM  

Wired: U.S.: DVD Decoder is Terrorware. The government tells a federal appeals court that a DVD-descrambling utility should be treated like software that sabotages airplanes. Hackers in the courtroom snicker.
1:57:14 PM  

BBC: Space tourists queue up. The company which brokered Dennis Tito’s flight into space says it has two more $20m tourists ready to fly.
1:56:52 PM  

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