5/6/2001; 12:39:24 AM

CNET: Toshiba to sell Transmeta-powered laptop. “The chipmaker, facing increased competition, has scored a timely victory, with the computer maker set to announce Monday that it will use its Crusoe chip.” Toshiba has made some very cool laptops in the past, though I recall that their DVD playback support has been somewhat behind the curve. I wonder how these machines stack up…
11:32:41 PM  

Mark Paschal posted a very cool list on the Radio UserLand mailing list, of places you can go to find RSS cahnnels.
8:03:44 PM  

CNN: Passengers rescued from downed plane near Boston.
8:01:08 PM  

Reuters: Technology: Lucent Ousts Executive Who Got $4 Million Bonus.
6:52:46 PM  

Joel Spolsky: What is the Work of Dogs in this Country? “Sorry, fuckedcompany.com, it was funny for a month or so, now it’s just pathetic. We’ll focus on improving our product, and we’ll focus on staying in business, by listening to our customers and eating our own dog food, instead of flying all over the country trying to raise more venture capital.”
12:41:29 AM  

David Singer has some great pictures from Hong Kong.
12:39:24 AM  

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