5/8/2001; 1:20:32 AM

Jeff: “The official most perilous streets of San Francisco for pedestrians.”
11:00:07 PM  

BBC News: sci/tech: Chernobyl children show DNA changes. Scientists say the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster shows low radiation doses can alter human DNA. I’m not surprised. Are you?
10:59:32 PM  

CNET: Turning down the volume on P2P.
2:19:54 PM  

The Register: Apple confirms retail store launch.
11:24:17 AM  

The Register: Napster adds audio fingerprint filter code.
11:22:51 AM  

I’m expecting a flood of email messages in a few hours, when Yahoo! Groups comes back online. I’m a member of no less than 20 groups, at least three of which qualify as ‘high-traffic’, so I’m bracing for impact…
1:36:40 AM  

Jeff: “If we must suffer through more rolling blackouts, then at least now we can enjoy email notification.” Great, now after my power comes back on, I’ll get an email saying my power was about to go out an hour ago. ;->
1:20:32 AM  

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