5/11/2001; 12:24:24 AM

Salon: Why the XFL tanked. “Vince McMahon and NBC were going to change the face of broadcast sports. Instead, they made the wrong kind of history.” My opinion: nobody cared.
5:02:54 PM  

The Naked Mole Rat asks, “What better way to kick off a New York Expo than with a Ramones reunion fronted by Dave Winer?” (via Jeff Cheney)
1:00:54 PM  

The Register: Apple to launch Mac OS X Server 2.0 next week
4:54:37 AM  

Brent, stop teasing me… Puh-lease! ;->
3:00:41 AM  

BBC News: sci/tech: Global warming helps Arctic animals. The BBC’s Richard Lister travels to the Alaskan Arctic to report on the benefits of global warming to polar bears and whales. It’s not so good for the penguins though…
12:24:24 AM  

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