5/12/2001; 1:05:02 AM

BBC: Douglas Adams, 1952 – 2001.
6:56:50 AM  

Rob Keefer, There Used to be a Process at the End of that Rope: “We were all working about 70 hours a week. It is a rare exception to find an entire team who can handle this workload for many weeks at a time. One key developer was trying to finish graduate school; another had to go to India for 6 weeks due to a death in the family; and a third left our consultancy for other opportunities in the middle of the project. These are the things that no project manager can predict or control, but as seasoned software people know, they happen on every project.”
1:46:46 AM  

Nature (free login required): Plans for missile defence system perturbs physicists. “Some analysts say that the United States has already spent about $60 billion on missile defence over the past 50 years, including $27 billion on President Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative, with little to show in return.” What an incredible waste of money.
1:05:02 AM  

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