5/13/2001; 12:51:26 AM

The Register: Fans of Hubbard emerge from cupboard. Scientologists and their critics square up
10:42:18 PM  

BBC: Radar looks for changes on Venus. The world’s two largest radio telescopes team up to look beneath the clouds of Venus.
10:40:24 PM  

Jeff has a new survey: “My Mom has a weblog. So does Jake’s Mom. How about your Mom?”
10:39:54 PM  

CNN: White House rejects call for energy price controls.
10:39:00 PM  

Nando: U.S.: California to decide on rate hikes.
10:38:40 PM  

Ananova: Police could soon be armed with goo-guns.
4:25:41 AM  

Financial Post: Church attempts to buy topless club. “It’s not just a buyout for money, but a buyout to purchase souls for Christ,” pastor Frederica Holliday said. Um… Ok…
12:55:57 AM  

Brent: “[This] is the first time I’ve used ProjectBuilder. It was… different. At first I didn’t like it at all, but it grew on me quickly, and I soon found it charming.”
12:53:10 AM  

Jeff: “Douglas Adams was an Apple Master.”
12:52:07 AM  

Nando: Perry Como, baritone singer, dies at 87.
12:51:26 AM  

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