5/14/2001; 1:18:02 PM

The Register: Could Bill Gates write code? “Although Reuben’s analysis is not quite complete, he tells us that Gates, Allen and Davidoff threw every trick at the book to squeeze the interpreter into 4 kilobytes.”
10:13:31 PM  

Frontier News: A new beta of Frontier for OS X has been released. 7.0b55 fixes an important bug in the Web server — it would “go deaf” at times. Now it won’t. This beta also fixes a crashing bug in the QuickTime verbs. Now you can open pictures, play movies, and so on.
2:54:32 PM  

CNN: Nineteen-year-old earns doctorate in physics.
1:19:38 PM  

BBC: Sir Paul: I missed out on Yesterday.
1:19:02 PM  

CNET: Monitors to enter a new dimension. So-called actual-depth monitors can display images on two physical planes to create depth of field.
1:18:35 PM  

Nando: Sunken Russian sub to be raised by Sept. 20, report says.
1:18:02 PM  

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