5/17/2001; 2:19:21 PM

Scripting News: “Every once in a while a laugh is just what the doctor ordered.”
9:23:24 PM  

CNET: Professor warns of threat to free speech. Edward Felten, the Princeton University professor who was muzzled from giving a speech about cracking digital watermarks, warns that if it happened to him, it could happen to you.
6:46:28 PM  

CNET: EU considers Net traffic, e-mail archive. “The European Commission backs the police with a proposal that all e-mails and other Internet traffic be logged and kept for up to seven years.”
4:30:38 PM  

Wired: Goings and Leavings in the Valley. “Many who have done well during the recently concluded Bay Area’s boom are pulling a Jules Verne. Others who have crashed are doing a fast exit, according to Craigslist.”
4:30:18 PM  

CNN: Pennsylvania mayor, charged in 1969 death, appears in court.
4:29:49 PM  

Ananova: Man found after being lost in forest for 11 years.
4:29:29 PM  

CNET: Birds sing a new tune in wireless era. Birds in Copenhagen are giving new meaning to the phrase “bird calls,” as ornithologists there say that birds are incorporating the sound of a ringing cellular phone into songs.
2:19:21 PM  

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