5/22/2001; 3:37:37 PM

Plastic: Two Theories On Why The US Was Voted Off The UN Human Rights Commission. “Who knew that the production of torture equipment is the only thing keeping the US economy afloat?”
6:33:12 PM  

Wired News: Rethinkng Music Security. “The major labels continue to work toward substantial digital distribution outlets by the fall, despite the near complete failure of the organization they hoped would help secure their content.”
3:49:24 PM  

BBC: Cheese beats crackers. “A ‘helpful’ virus called the cheese worm is making its way around the web checking computers for vulnerabilities and closing them.”
3:48:43 PM  

Jeff: “Congratulations to Evan Williams on being selected for The Industry Standard’s annual Net 21.”
3:46:51 PM  

Scientific American: Cosmologists Confirm Web-Like Structure of Early Universe.
3:44:04 PM  

CNN: Ex-stripper describes her time with accused spy.
3:37:37 PM  

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