5/23/2001; 1:45:54 PM

ESA Science News: Europe launches into astrobiology. “Is our planet an oasis of life in an otherwise dead universe? Twenty years ago, the scientific consensus was ‘yes, probably’. Now it has shifted to “probably not” and the field of astro- (or exo-) biology is burgeoning.”
4:26:59 PM  

BBC: Antarctic lake disappoints scientists. Researchers say there are no superhot springs to sustain life at the bottom of ice-covered Lake Vostok.
4:26:32 PM  

Soup is a SOAP implementation in C, written to be asynchronous and efficient. The release is intended to get the ball rolling on further development and user interest. [Hack the Planet]
1:48:49 PM  

Salon: The White House vandal scandal that wasn’t. How the incoming Bush team nudge-nudged a credulous press corps into swallowing a trashy Clinton story.
1:47:19 PM  

Wired: U.S.’s Defenseless Department. “Congress’ General Accounting Office says that the FBI’s National Infrastructure Protection Center is about as effective as Bob Dole without Viagra.”
1:46:57 PM  

CNN: Robbery note found in laundry
1:45:54 PM  

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