5/24/2001; 12:10:19 AM

Mom: “Too much input! How lucky I am to have so many connections and so much gratification. Overload surely beats inactivity and isolation.”
11:28:34 PM  

Frontier News: Radio’s Music Tool now works with Frontier.
8:19:40 PM  

CNET: Record albums spin past Napster filters. “Research firm Webnoize reports that it has found dozens of albums on the file-swapping service, the latest sign that Napster’s filters are
1:49:34 PM  

CNET: Contractor: Colorful iBook on the way. “Apple plans to release a larger-screen version and multiple colors of its recently introduced iBook laptop in July, according to the Mac maker’s Taiwan contractor.”
12:27:33 PM  

MSNBC/APB: Trial gives insider view of bin Laden.
12:27:03 PM  

The Register: Lastminute.com resorts to porn.
12:26:38 PM  

Reuters: U.S.: China Attacks U.S. Over Dalai Lama Meeting.
12:26:24 PM  

Frontier News: It’s now safe to mix browser and Radio editing.
12:11:43 AM  

Reuters: Earthquake Injures 27 in Southwest China.
12:10:19 AM  

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