5/25/2001; 7:28:41 PM

11:32:05 PM  

Online Journalism Review: Blogging as a Form of Journalism. Jeff Cheney writes, “This is an excellent article including quotes from Paul Andrews, Deborah Branscum and Glenn Fleishman! (thanks to Daniel Drew Turner for pointing it out)”
7:33:09 PM  

Salon: Why’d he do it?. “Sen. Jim Jeffords has had problems with his party for a long time, but President Bush appears to have pushed him over the edge.”
7:30:48 PM  

CNET: Pacific Bell outage affects Net, 911. “The company says a wide-ranging network outage spread through most of California, affecting high-speed Internet connections and 911 service.” I was out ’till after 2:30 this afternoon.
7:30:25 PM  

CNN: Brazil dinosaur find oldest yet?
7:29:13 PM  

BBC: Space debris warning. “Man-made debris may make parts of space too hazardous for astronauts, says a new report.”
7:28:41 PM  

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