Month: <span>May 2001</span>

The first Linux implementation of RFC 1149.
5:16:58 PM  

BBC: Britney makes physics sexy. A website using pictures of Britney Spears to spice up information about semiconductor physics is a surprise hit. No surprise here.
2:09:19 PM  

Wired: Women Are Geeky People, Too. “Joan Korenman, one of this year’s celebrated Women on the Web, says girls must ignore the boy-dominated tech culture and press forward. ‘Women are in danger of becoming the new illiterates,’ she says.”
2:08:50 PM  

CNN: Dolphins recognize themselves in mirrors.
2:08:14 PM  

David Singer: “Everyone knows that Hong Kong is an amazing place to shop. Of course you can buy electronics, clothes, and luggage here, but did you know that you can buy ISO 9002-certified water here?”
2:55:40 AM  

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