6/4/2001; 3:22:24 PM

On the dangers of using centralized services, I just got this email from XDrive:

“I’m writing because the Xdrive Express service was permanently closed on May 15, 2001, after notifying users as described on this page http://www.xdrive.com/index_express.html. According to our records you didn’t access your free Xdrive Express account for 120 days or more before the service was closed, so I’d like to suggest our high-quality Xdrive Plus service as a replacement for you to evaluate. (Please note that files stored on the free Xdrive Express service are no longer accessible nor recoverable.)”

I searched my email for prior notification from XDrive that my account was to be closed, and found none. Was I supposed to have telepathically known to visit the notification page mentioned in the email?

It’s a good thing I didn’t have anything important stored there. I bet there are many others who weren’t so lucky. I suppose the personal tone of the email (“I’m writing because…”) is supposed to keep me from raising a ruckus about the fact that my account was closed, and my files were deleted without notification…
3:26:26 PM  

Inside.com: Texas Newspaper Is Sued for Libel by Officials Who Fail to Get the Joke. “Editors thought that an article about a 6-year-old’s arrest was so absurd that it didn’t need to be labeled parody. Turns out in Dallas not everyone was so sure. The public officials who were given made-up quotes are going to court.”
3:22:43 PM  

CNN: Nearby star may have asteroid belt — and planets.
3:22:24 PM  

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