6/5/2001; 12:13:34 PM

CNET: Broad patent on Internet updates awarded. Seattle-based Punch Networks gets a lock on technology for distributing updates throughout a large network.

“Gregory Aharonian, editor of the Internet Patent News Service, doesn’t think Punch’s line will hold up in court.

“‘To me it looks like some distributed file synchronization, an idea discussed at length in the ’80s at distributed-computing conferences,’ Aharonian said.

The fact that the patent makes no mention of such scientific papers raises a red flag for Aharonian.”

6:00:34 PM  

W3C: SMIL 2.0 Becomes a W3C Proposed Recommendation. “SMIL (pronounced “smile”) 2.0 defines an XML-based language that authors can use to write interactive multimedia presentations.”
1:48:56 PM  

Wired: Say Ahh, Then Remain Silent. “A little-noticed loophole in new medical privacy regulations allows law enforcement access to medical records without the patient’s consent. Will doctors soon be reading you your rights?”
12:13:34 PM  

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