6/6/2001; 2:05:28 AM

As if to prove my point
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David Singer: “I do still do a bit of AM Broadcast Band DXing from time to time, mostly when I’m in a car at night by myself — then I’ll run the band and see what I can hear. Sometimes, it’s interesting; sometimes, it’s boring…”

I still have a short-wave radio, but no rig, and no license to broadcast. I wonder what’s up in the ham radio scene… Does anyone still learn morse code? Does anyone still take the morse code and basic electronics tests required for getting an amateur radio license? Do we all just start with HTML these days?

Was ham radio the Punk of the ’50s, and the Web, the Punk of the ’90s?… What’s Punk now?

And here’s something: Ham Radio Online is a Manila site! (They could do without the ads though.)
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Slashdot: Intellectual Property and a Censored Slash Site?. “filkx ran a weblog called ‘SOS,’ for the laudable goal of providing an open discussion forum for student government issues. He had a steadfast rule of non-censorship, which soon landed him in political hot waters with the University of Utah. A new administration steps in, the site is shut down, and filkx now faces criminal charges, expulsion and a cute twist: the university claims that the site’s content is now their own property. ” [via Plastic]
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MetaFilter: “Find out where you stand with the political compass.”
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NASA’s Earth Observatory: Watching Plants Dance to the Rhythms of the Ocean. “NASA scientists developed a new data set that enables them to observe the teleconnections between sea surface temperature anomalies and patterns of plant growth on a global scale.”
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