Day: <span>June 8, 2001</span>

I have what some would consider to be a rather radical take on whether or not to allow videotaping of McVeigh’s execution. I think it should be taped, and broadcast, live, on television, on the radio, and on the Internet. In my humble opinion, people in this country who approve of the the death penalty, especially those who are close to the fence, might change their minds, if they were to witness the actual taking of a human life.

Maybe you say, “You can’t do that! It’s not appropriate for TV!” Well, I personally can’t see how it’s appropriate at all. Think about it. Can you really imagine a reasonable justification for the death penalty in a country with as much money and as many resources as ours? One that’s not based on revenge?

While we’re at it, can we please get some of our imprisoned small-time, non-violent drug offenders out of jail, and get them some decent counciling and job training? They’re not doing anyone any good sitting in prison cells, and the prisons certainly aren’t doing most of them any good either.
3:45:21 PM  

CNN has an interactive map, showing which countries do and don’t practice the death penalty.
3:12:27 PM  

CNET: ISPs complain they’re shut out of cable ads. “Several small ISPs from around the country are complaining to federal regulators that AOL Time Warner is competing unfairly by closing media channels to their ads.”
2:02:46 PM  

Declan McCullagh. “Note to Hollywood: Code for worms is not typically created using AutoCAD.”
2:00:28 PM  

BBC: Flickering lights foretell glowing networks. “A research group headed by MIT electronics professor Steven Leeb has turned fluorescent lights into data transmitters by swapping one of the conventional components, known as ‘ballast’, to make them flicker faster and in a more controllable manner.” Cool.
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