6/11/2001; 12:40:37 PM

Wes: “WinSuperSite has screen shots of the new Homestead and Metallic color schemes in Windows XP. I find them a little less garish than the default.” They look quite Aqua-esque, especially the Metallic scheme. I wonder what Apple thinks…
6:58:46 PM  

SalCentral: BabelfishTranslationServer (WSDL). SOAP interface for Altavista’s Babelfish Translation Service. The service has one method, getTranslation, that takes a text string and a language identifier and returns the translated text.
12:43:32 PM  

Wired: Mobile Messaging: Not in the USA. “People are saving lives, falling in love, even tattling over it. Then why is the SMS craze in Europe and Asia not making it on the other side of the puddle?”
12:41:00 PM  

Doctor Who is back?
12:40:37 PM  

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