6/12/2001; 1:32:06 AM

Memepool: “Remember the Apple ][? There’s still some resources and some current software. There’s even a Un*xy operating system for it.”
11:24:50 PM  

The Register: US Supremes: Hi-tech surveillance is out. Warrants required for TEMPEST-style snooping.
5:04:25 PM  

SalCentral: “Fetch usenet via SOAP. The XBlocks newsgroup interface provides a SOAP interface to a subset of the available usenet newsgroups.” (WSDL)
5:04:00 PM  

MetaFilter: kick box the queen.
A computer security consultant and stand-up comic says “I hereby challenge the Queen of England to either a kickboxing match or a math test (no geometry) for the crown of Canada. She can choose the type of match, and the location of the bout. She has until July 1, 2002 to face me in this competition. If, after that time, she has not accepted my challenge, Canadians can infer that she has forfeited the match, and I will be the effective new monarch of Canada.”
5:02:17 PM  

The Register: Apple preps Mac OS 9.2 successor.
5:01:36 PM  

CNN: Probe to take ‘ultimate baby picture’ of universe.
5:00:27 PM  

There’s a poll on CNN.com’s Talkback Live homepage today, asking about your opinion on the death penalty, after “Timothy McVeigh’s death”. (They don’t use the word execution.)

Interestingly, I linked to the same URL exactly a year ago, and the poll on the Talkback homepage at that time was also about the death penalty.
1:45:59 AM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: irenic. Tending to promote peace; conciliatory.
1:32:06 AM  

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