6/14/2001; 3:35:48 PM

CNET: Napster, Gnutella have competition. File-swapping software AudioGalaxy has millions of new converts–and old problems.
7:23:25 PM  

Wired: Girding Up For the Power Grid. “In periods of profound change, the most dangerous thing is to incrementalize yourself into the future,” says Yeager. “Our society is changing more broadly and more rapidly than at any time since Edison’s day. The current power infrastructure is as incompatible with the future as horse trails were to automobiles.”
3:40:03 PM  

The Register: ICANN launches Whois review.
3:36:35 PM  

spacetoday.net: New evidence for water on Mars.
3:36:19 PM  

Plastic: The Penis Display Loophole.
3:35:48 PM  

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