Day: <span>June 15, 2001</span>

Lawrence Lee: “I am happy to announce a week later that I’ve decided to join the team at UserLand Software and to also continue my work on Tomalak’s Realm.” Welcome!
3:24:15 PM  

Here’s a bit of JavaScript which implements Microsoft Free Fridays:

If you copy this script, and paste it into the JavaScript section of your Manila site’s Advanced Prefs page, then your site will be in compliance with Microsoft Free Fridays.
3:16:59 PM  

Wired: Hello 911, I’ve Got a Virus. “Japan’s i-mode users who opened a post containing malicious code recently were unable to prevent making a slew of emergency calls.”
1:02:44 PM  

CNN: Dutch group drops abortion plans.
1:02:17 PM  

Josh Allen is back online: “It really sucks when they test the sprinklers, though.”
12:16:28 AM  

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