6/16/2001; 2:20:14 AM

Dave (in a parenthetical): “My kid brother’s name is Peter, I can’t take people named Peter seriously. It’s in my ROM.” I wonder if that’s why this guy goes by his middle name? 😉

Oh, and my kid brother is also named Peter, but I rewrote the part of my firmware that refused to take him seriously. The rewrite has some bugs though…
10:00:40 PM  

Wes: “Scoble has the scoop on how Smart Tags may be pared down considerably in future MSIE builds.” I saw this first over here.
9:20:42 PM  

The judge who wed the mother of a rape victim to its perpetrator says he weds convicts all the time to save them from going gayHuh?
6:31:40 PM  

Wired: The Wrong Way to Do Dirty Tricks. “Christine Gunhus, the wife of a U.S. senator who ran unsuccessfully for re-election in 2000, pleaded no contest last week to charges of using a pseudonym to unlawfully send e-mail messages that disparaged her husband’s Democratic rival.”
6:17:25 PM  

Joerg Kantel suggested some modifications for my Microsoft-Free-Friday JavaScript. Apparently my version crashes MSIE-Mac. <whoops! heheh> Also, Opera for the Mac likes to pretend that it’s MSIE, but at least in the version I’m using, it’s a preference: In the Connections preference panel, choose Identify as Opera in the Browser Identification section, and you’ll be able to read my page with no problems. See you next Friday!
2:55:23 AM  

I bought a new mouse today. It’s an optical Logitech WheelMouse, and it’s great! No more gunk in my mouse wheels to clean out, and no more jittery pointers. It tracks on just about any surface (even the screen of my PowerBook or the knee on my pants). It’s got both left and right buttons, and a scroll wheel, and they all work totally naturally, on both my Mac, and Windows boxes. Very cool product!
2:55:08 AM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: slaver. It most likely doesn’t mean what you think it means. 😉
2:20:14 AM  

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