6/19/2001; 2:09:47 AM

MetaFilter: “For all of you who missed the Cold War. If America builds a shield, Putin says he’ll arm his missles with multiple warheads. Twenty years orf arms control going down the drain for a failed technology. Remember kids, duck and cover.”
5:47:01 PM  

Salon: The anguish of the drug war judges. “It used to be a defense lawyer’s skill was in convincing a judge and jury on the facts and the law. Now the skill in being a lawyer is who can run to the U.S. attorney’s office quicker and snitch. That’s what the law is — who can snitch best,”
5:46:08 PM  

David Rogers: “Apple’s clear keyboard is lovely to look at; but if you pick one up and look at the bottom, you can see all the crud that fell into it.”
5:39:20 PM  

I’m glad to hear that Adam is “feeling much, much better”.
2:09:47 AM  

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