6/21/2001; 3:24:48 PM

trained monkey: “if, as john lennon says, ‘life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans,’ what is it that happens when you’re not making plans?”
6:59:30 PM  

SF Gate (AP): “Veteran bluesman John Lee Hooker, whose foot stompin’ and gravelly voice on songs like ‘Boom Boom’ and ‘Boogie Chillen’ electrified audiences and inspired generations of musicians, died Thursday. He was 83”

I wonder if his club will remain open? I played a few gigs there last year. The front booth was permanently reserved, just in case he happened to show up…
5:26:17 PM  

From the Big Brother department:
Car spy pushes privacy limit (ZDNet),
Fox Ads Not So “Devine” (E! Online),
Windows XP requires a Passport (CNET),
Satellites help feds win false farming claims (CNN),
CIA says it can’t keep up with hackers (CNET).

Gee, I wonder who else is re-writing my websites, reading my email, tracking what I purchase, brainwashing me, monitoring my location, or keeping an eye on what’s planted in my back yard via spy-sattelite?
3:34:37 PM  

Brent has a simple how-to on turning off Smart Tags.
3:34:03 PM  

David Rogers: “When I get home, I’m going to stop using IE and Outlook Express. It’s long past time to rid ourselves of this menace… I expected MS to be somewhat cowed by its near-death experience at the hands of the Justice Department. Instead, it seems more brazen than ever…”
3:32:37 PM  

John Robb: “Whenever you hear someone say, ‘but I am a not for profit and that makes me more credible.’ Leave the room and hold onto your wallet.”
3:28:12 PM  

CNET: Dell CEO expects more dot-coms to fail. “The head of the world’s largest PC manufacturer says he sees more dot-com firms collapsing amid fierce competition before the computer technology sector stabilizes.” Duh.
3:27:26 PM  

“Why would someone take their 3-year-old daughter to the park and attack Cookie Monster?”
3:26:15 PM  

Those looney Finns.
3:24:48 PM  

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