6/22/2001; 1:41:21 AM

CNN: Truck driver runs wild at California airport. “The wreckage of the truck which was hauling ceramic toilet parts was strewn across the main runway at Long Beach Airport, forcing authorities to divert air traffic to a secondary runway.” Remind me again why I don’t live in LA…
10:22:26 PM  

Jeff: “With that kind of money I think I could afford to be stupid. At least for a little while…”
10:19:23 PM  

CNN: Bizarre legal drama at air show. “The attempted seizure was just the latest chapter in the dispute between Russia and Noga, which says Moscow owes it $62 million from oil-for-food deals signed in 1991, the year the Soviet Union dissolved, and 1992.”
8:42:17 PM  

DaveNet: Don’t Be A Deer. “When past adversaries have lost to Microsoft it’s because they let Microsoft call the shots. They waited for the dust to settle, and by the time that happened, their products were dead, their customers had moved on, and no one cared what they wanted.”
2:32:53 PM  

The Straight Dope: Who was the stupidest U.S. president? “Let’s put the question bluntly: Is George W. Bush the stupidest person ever to serve as U.S. president? If not, who is?”
1:52:15 PM  

Ananova: Sculptor admits cathedral angel is Bob Dylan
1:47:03 PM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: bloviate. “Anyone who has ever spent an idle morning watching the Washington talk shows has probably wondered: how did these people become entitled to earn six-figure salaries bloviating about the week’s headlines?”
1:41:21 AM  

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