6/25/2001; 2:50:30 PM

Wait a minute… What are those CalTech people doing with that four-ton obelisk?
11:43:50 PM  

George Hupka has a list of the worst Country song titles: everything from “All My Exes Live In Texas” to “You’re The Reason Our Kids Are So Ugly”.
8:04:57 PM  

Three new Themes for Manila sites: Slab-Red, Slab-Green and Slab-Blue.
4:28:05 PM  

Wired: San Angelo, Texas: Home of Spies. “Spies flock to this West Texas town like flies. They train here, they spy here, they retire here, they die here. Of course, nobody will tell you that, officially.”
3:03:37 PM  

This confuses me.
2:58:41 PM  

AAJA: F***king Headlines: News organizations struggle with expletive in popular Web site’s name. [via Hack the Planet]
2:57:17 PM  

Anna Quindlen: Playing God On No Sleep. “But between the women who cannot have children and sometimes stare at our double strollers grief-stricken, and the grandmothers who make raising eight or 10 sound like a snap and insist we micromanage and overanalyze, there is no leave to talk about the dark side of being a surrogate deity, omniscient and out of milk all at the same time.”
2:50:30 PM  

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