6/27/2001; 3:19:30 PM

If you like tall ships, David Rogers has a picture for you.
8:04:55 PM  

ESA: Hint of planet-sized drifters bewilders Hubble scientists. “Piercing the heart of a globular star cluster with its needle-sharp vision, the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has uncovered tantalising clues to what could potentially be a strange and unexpected population of wandering, planet-sized objects.”
6:03:15 PM  

CNN: Once mighty Rio Grande now a trickle. “Once a navigable waterway that swelled under bridges and made fertile an otherwise dry coastal plain, the river becomes a mere trickle before it gets to the Gulf of Mexico, disappearing about 300 feet short of its destination in a big expanse of sand.”
6:02:42 PM  

ZDNN: Microsoft faces second patent claim. “Microsoft has been busy trying to lure big-name record companies with its multimedia plans, telling them its Windows Media Player contains strong anti-piracy features. However, the InterTrust suit could dampen those plans if a court rules against Microsoft and forces it to disable some parts of its digital rights technology.” [via Tomalak’s Realm]
3:28:23 PM  

BBC: Strange glows on Jupiter moon. Red and blue dancing glows were seen on Jupiter’s moon Io during a recent flyby.
3:22:52 PM  

The Register: MS to blow imaginary $1bn on hyping WinXP to stardom. “You see, dear reader, this sort of money is not real; you could maybe refer to it as fluffybucks.”
3:19:30 PM  

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