6/30/2001; 6:58:50 PM

CNN: Milosevic on suicide watch. “The former Yugoslav president [is] under round-the-clock observation to ensure he is not taken ill or attempts to take his own life — as both his parents did.”
10:18:24 PM  

Salon: Gay “Trek”. “According to the script, Guinan was supposed to start telling Lal, ‘When a man and a woman are in love …’ and in the background, there would be men and women sitting at tables, holding hands,” Arnold says. “But Whoopi refused to say that. She said, ‘This show is beyond that. It should be “When two people are in love.”‘ And so it was decided on set that one of the tables in the background should have two men holding hands — or two women, or whatever. But someone ran to a phone and made a call to the production office and that was nixed. [Producer] David Livingston came down and made sure that didn’t happen.”
7:01:28 PM  

Ananova: Winner wont claim $1m prize due to hoax fear.
6:59:36 PM  

PhysicsWeb: Nanotubes are the new superconductors.
6:58:50 PM  

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