7/1/2001; 3:20:12 PM

Dave: “How would your CEO react if he or she got a call from Microsoft saying that they have trouble working with your company as long as [your] weblog is running? How would you choose between your blog and your job?”
3:34:54 PM  

Mom: A month of chaos, a moment of peace: “I’ve never felt so free. It may be an illusion, of course, but I feel that know more about myself and those around me than I did a few years ago.”
3:32:27 PM  

Attrition.org: “Mastercard International Incorporated initiated contact with staff at Attrition.org regarding alleged trademark infringement. Since then, lawyers on behalf of Mastercard have harassed and threatened Attrition.org and our upstream ISP over several parodies of their “Priceless” trademark/advertising campaign.” [via Crackbaby]
3:29:42 PM  

That’s odd: Someone named Dana has apparently flipped Jeff’s homepage for him. Even stranger, there’s a hint that Jeff has shaved his beard!?! Jeff, is it true?
3:24:35 PM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: satiety.
3:20:12 PM  

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