7/3/2001; 12:31:56 AM

David Rogers: “There’s probably little hope for a guy like me who finds his spiritual truth in motion pictures. Oh well.”
11:41:36 PM  

Dave: “When Microsoft asks you to store all your info in their cloud, remember that you could do it for yourself.”
8:42:19 PM  

CNET: Internet consultant Organic faces delisting. “The company requested a review to contest delisting, but in a tersely worded news release it said reversing the delisting would not come easily.”
6:01:39 PM  

AP: PG&E Asks for More Time on Plan. “PG&E officials said the company is making good progress on the plan and there is ‘nothing to suggest that PG&E seeks the requested extensions in order to pressure its creditors to accede to its reorganization demands.'”
6:00:34 PM  

CNET: Connecticut limits GPS speeding tickets. “On its contracts, Acme states that ‘vehicles driven in excess of posted speed limit will be charged a $150 fee per occurrence. All our vehicles are GPS equipped.’ Turner, and many other customers, didn’t connect the two statements, and paid for it later.”

What an outrageous invasion of privacy. Doesn’t our Constitution have something to say about this? Apparently not, but I still don’t like it. 😉
3:28:34 PM  

Crackbaby.com: “It’s been verified… you can get anyone kicked off of Hotmail; You don’t need evidence or proof.”
3:21:22 PM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: timorous.
12:54:36 AM  

Have I mentioned that my dog has razor-sharp claws?
12:31:56 AM  

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