7/5/2001; 2:57:50 AM

Sheila: “One of the very best July 4th’s was in 1976, when we celebrated the bicentennial. I had just turned eight years old and I was all over the bicentennial.”

I remember the bicentennial well.

I had looked forward to it for months, and was fortunate to have seen what must have been the biggest fireworks display to date, from the bank of the East River in Brooklyn.

I think we were only able to see about a third of the show from where we were, and yet I was completely overwhelmed, not only by the show itself, but also by the millions of people in attendence.

See, I grew up in a quiet suburb of Kansas City. I remember thinking to myself as the shells exploded, “Gee, I’ve never seen anything like this before.” I think that was the moment that I decided I should live in a city, instead of in the suburbs. It seemed that life in the suburbs could never reach that level of excitement…
3:21:22 AM  

CNN: Fireworks barge burns off Jersey shore. Whoops! Thank goodness nobody was hurt.
3:08:53 AM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: cudgel. If accosted by drunken 4th of July revelers, it might be handy to have one of these.
2:57:50 AM  

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