7/8/2001; 1:31:21 AM

CNN: “Police sources told CNN that Condit admitted, in his third interview with police, that he had a romantic relationship with [the missing Bureau of Prisons intern, Chandra] Levy.”

While the police still do not consider Rep. Condit a suspect in Levy’s disappearance (yet?), this is likely to cause him serious political troubles with his socially conservative constituency in Modesto. He’s been lying through his aides for weeks about the existence of his affair with Levy. I’d be surprised if he’s re-elected.
5:57:24 PM  

Scotland on Sunday: CIA cash funded drugs trade. “While Peru’s disgraced former spymaster Vladimiro Montesinos awaits trial in a maximum security jail in Lima, it has emerged that millions of dollars donated by the CIA not only helped him amass a small personal fortune, but was also responsible for one of the most embarrassing espionage debacles of recent years.”
5:57:00 PM  

Adam Curry asks, “What the heck happened to the MBone anyway?”
5:56:14 PM  

Ananova: Free vibrator advertised with every mobile phone.
5:54:27 PM  

BBC: Big banks ‘operate monopoly’. “Ninety percent of all small businesses are locked into the four major clearing banks,” said Stephen Alambritas, a spokesman for the Federation of Small Businesses. “We are hoping that the report will try and unravel this complex monopoly.”
2:56:32 AM  

Nick Johnson: “The Goddamn Mosquito doesn’t care if you have insect repellent. The Goddamn Mosquito laughs at your attempts to shoo it away. The Goddamn Mosquito chuckles at welding torches and nuclear radiation.”
1:32:50 AM  

The Adventures of Action Item, Professional Super Hero. Watch as he foils the evil Dr. Diabolical…
1:31:21 AM  

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