7/9/2001; 1:19:48 AM

CNET: Netscape ruling bolsters privacy efforts. “People who downloaded Netscape Communications’ SmartDownload software are not bound by an online contract because they did not specifically agree to it, a federal judge has ruled… The decision, which touches on the validity of commonly used Web contracts known as click-wrap licenses, clears the way for the plaintiffs to sue Netscape for tinkering with their computers without their consent.”
11:54:37 PM  

This is just plain wrong.
11:52:50 PM  

CNN: Condit’s constituents want more answers. “Rep. Gary Condit, D-California, is under increasing pressure at home to explain his relationship with Chandra Levy, the 24-year-old woman whose disappearance has sparked a full-scale police search and a public relations battle between the lawmaker’s aides and the Levy family.”
5:07:56 PM  

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.
3:34:39 PM  

Jeff Cheney: “It’s official, Mac Publishing has announced the appointment of Rick LePage to VP of Content/Editor in Chief (replacing Andy Gore). Mac veterans will recognize Rick as the former EIC of MacWEEK and the ill-fated eMediaweekly.” Update: Jeff’s link doesn’t seem to work, but this one does.
3:11:41 PM  

CNET: Ahold says Peapod’s doing fine. “Dutch supermarket group Koninklijke Ahold said Monday that its unit, Peapod, a competitor to failed Internet grocer Webvan, was doing fine and that Ahold would continue to invest in the company.”
3:10:39 PM  

Phillip Winn: “From the Bad Public Relations Move department: WalMart is suing a church. Repeatedly.”
3:07:12 PM  

Dave: “The purpose of Microsoft-Free-Fridays is to develop other browsers, and to help get our sites working with them properly, and to help identify and fix bugs. We need choice, so we have a stake in developing other browsers.”

That’s exactly why my implementation of Microsoft-Free-Fridays redirects your browser to Opera’s download page. In fact, I’ve been thinking for a couple of weeks that it’s unfair to always link to Opera. When I have a chance, I’m going to add code to randomly link to iCab, OmniWeb, Opera, Mozilla and Netscape. If you know of other browsers that you think should be included, do please let me know.
1:29:40 AM  

CNET: Report: Webvan to seek bankruptcy. “Financially troubled Webvan is reportedly planning to announce Monday that the online grocer will cease operations and file for bankruptcy protection.”
1:20:35 AM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: brackish.
1:19:48 AM  

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