7/12/2001; 2:51:57 AM

BBC: Ariane puts satellites in wrong orbit. Europe’s giant Ariane 5 rocket lifts off successfully, but then places two satellites into the wrong orbits.
7:58:43 PM  

CNET: New Mexico drops out of Microsoft suit. “To my mind this matter is now ripe for speedy resolution,” New Mexico Attorney General Patricia Madrid said in a statement. “I am no longer persuaded a breakup remains appropriate or will ultimately be ordered by the courts. It is obvious Microsoft will continue to resist attempts to require this remedy. It is time to settle this case and move forward.”

Of course they’re going to continue to resist a breakup. That’s a no-brainer. I don’t get Madrid’s logic. Did she simply get sick of all the hassle, or did something else happen that we’re not being told about?
5:11:54 PM  

CNN: Missile defense plans could violate ABM treaty. “The Bush administration’s plans to develop a national missile defense will likely come into conflict with the 1972 ABM Treaty ‘in months not years,’ according to a State Department memo sent to embassies around the world.”
5:07:36 PM  

Today’s CNN coverage of the Condit/Levy story:

Police search buildings for Chandra Levy.
Minister: Daughter and Condit had affair.
Letter denies alleged affair with Condit.

5:06:14 PM  

BBC: World’s most accurate clock developed. “Researchers have developed a new type of atomic clock that is significantly more precise than the current technology in use. It is accurate to one second in the lifetime of the Universe – about 15 billion years.” Wow!
5:03:44 PM  

Adam Curry: “Another successful migration from manilasites to our own server. Unreal how easy the procedure is. This time I completed the entire migration in 13 minutes.”
5:02:45 PM  

Plastic: Oh, The Humanity! 7-11 X-treme Gulp 60 Percent Bigger Than Human Stomach. “7-Eleven’s Big Gulp has mutated to the 52-ounce X-treme Gulp. That’s 1.6 quarts – just over 3 pounds. A two-handed, foam-insulated, don’t-wear-hand-lotion-or-you’ll-drop-it bucket-o’carbonation.”
5:01:33 PM  

World Tribune: ‘Father’ of Iran’s missile program is found dead. “Col Ali Mahmoudi Mimand was found dead in his office in Teheran on late Monday. Iranian authorities are investigating the death and so far have not announced their findings or ruled out speculation that he was assassinated.”
4:59:15 PM  

CNN: Spacecraft to bring back bits of the sun. “This mission will be the Rosetta Stone of planetary science data, because it will show us the foundation by which we can judge how our solar system evolved,” Genesis project manager Chester Sasaki said.”
4:58:16 PM  

The Levy/Condit media frenzy continues on CNN this morning:

“Investigators will begin to identify abandoned buildings in northwest Washington Thursday near the apartments of Rep. Gary Condit and missing former intern Chandra Levy, the assistant police chief told CNN Wednesday.

“No reason was immediately given, but District of Columbia Assistant Police Chief Terrance Gainer said once the buildings are identified, cadaver dogs will be sent in to sniff out the structures.”

2:59:32 AM  

CNEWS: Pigeon unseats mayor.
2:55:21 AM  

AP: Tech: Judge Demands Napster Stay Offline. “Napster was dealt another serious legal setback Wednesday when a federal judge demanded the song-swap company remain off-line until it can fully comply with an injunction to remove all copyright music.”
2:54:51 AM  

spacetoday.net: Solar sail test launch scheduled for July 18.
2:52:48 AM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: riposte.
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