7/13/2001; 3:12:22 AM

BBC: ‘Propulsion problem’ caused Ariane error. Rocket engines shutting down too early were responsibile for Europe’s failed satellite launch, initial investigations show. “Esa officials said they believed the Artemis satellite could use its engines to boost itself up to its planned orbit, although its expected lifespan of 10 years was likely to be shortened… However the Japanese satellite, would not be recoverable…”
9:14:29 PM  

CNN: Condit passed polygraph, lawyers say. “Lowell [Condit’s lawyer] said Condit showed no sign of deception when asked whether he had anything to do with Levy’s disappearance, if he harmed her or caused anyone else to harm her or whether he knows where she can be found.”
6:02:14 PM  

New Scientist: Controversy over nuclear material tracking system:

“The US Department of Energy is to deny reports that the computer system it uses to track the international movement of nuclear materials had a major flaw.

“A Washington Post article suggests that Russian scientists discovered the flaw. They were given the computer system as part of the program to assist with tracking materials that could be used to construct nuclear weapons.”

5:59:52 PM  

Netizen News: Assorted stupidities.
5:43:57 PM  

Anyone know the story behind this picture? Update: Seen on q.queso.com: “CNNdotCOM, tomorrow, on CNNfn, 12:30 PM Eastern.”
2:38:32 PM  

CNET: Government seeks to speed Microsoft case. “The government on Friday asked an appeals court to issue an order promptly moving the Microsoft case back to the trial court… The action could be a sign that the government will seek some kind of injunction against Microsoft before the new Windows XP operating system ships in October.”
2:14:46 PM  

Wired: Why Is Your DNA Their Secret?. “Dr. Robert Cook-Deegan, director of the National Cancer Policy Board and the National Academy of Sciences Commission on Life Sciences, said keeping DNA data secret stops up the flow of information and slows the discovery of potential treatments for disease. But biotech companies and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office defend themselves by saying that without patents there would be no innovation.”
1:11:54 PM  

CNN: Police search for Levy as Condit urged to resign. “Rep. Bob Barr, R-Georgia, became the first member of Congress to call on Condit to resign, charging his House colleague has ‘obstructed an ongoing police investigation’. ‘I believe he should resign rather than bring further discredit on the House of Representatives,’ Barr said.”
1:09:50 PM  

NASA: “Like a sun on a fast rise, Space Shuttle Atlantis arcs into the still-black sky over the Atlantic Ocean, casting a fiery glow on its way.” [via queso]
1:07:31 PM  

Brent: “As a confirmed Star Trek fan, people ask me what I think about Enterprise, the new series debuting this Fall.”
1:04:52 PM  

CNET: Researcher Jupiter defends pop-ups. “Jupiter Media Metrix releases its list of the U.S. top 50 Web and digital media properties, defending pop-up and pop-under pages that are included in its traffic numbers.”
1:03:18 PM  

Adam Curry: It Takes a Village
3:12:22 AM  

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