7/18/2001; 12:57:18 AM

Davenet: Microsoft blinks in antitrust case. “It appears that Microsoft was expecting the court to be confused, and perhaps still does, but this is not a confusing issue. That Microsoft focused on this aspect of the judgment shows that this is where the juice is.”
10:50:35 PM  

Salon: Police ignore Condit’s faulty alibi. “Falsely used as a Condit alibi — and, she says, falsely smeared by the tabloids — an ABC News reporter is surprised she still hasn’t heard from D.C. police.”
10:44:45 PM  

CNET: Glitches hinder Hotmail upgrade. “Microsoft’s plans for a Hotmail face-lift went awry Tuesday night as the company quickly withdrew an upgrade amid undisclosed technical problems.”
10:42:16 PM  

Salon: Thank God for the Internet. “The real showstoppers in [Michael Lewis’ new book] aren’t the technologies themselves, but the kids who are using them…”
10:40:39 PM  

Thanks for the kudos, Steve! (And the software!)
10:32:02 PM  

CNET: Napster gets temporary reprieve. “The appeals court released a terse note Wednesday saying that last week’s ruling, made by federal Judge Marilyn Hall Patel, would be “stayed pending a further order of this court.'”
10:30:38 PM  

BBC: Smart dashboard watches drivers. “If all else fails the dashboard will squirt cold water into the face of a driver to keep them concentrating on the road ahead.”
10:27:25 PM  

Ananova: Shopper wrecks six vehicles as she parks her car. Whoops!
10:25:30 PM  

Dress ’em up Dubya.
10:24:31 PM  

CNN: Solar sail test flight set. “The first test of the privately funded Cosmos 1 project is planned for Thursday, using a converted intercontinental ballistic missile launched from a Russian submarine to carry two Russian-built sail blades aloft.”
10:24:14 PM  

CNET: Oracle to offer free online storage. “An Oracle executive said Tuesday that the database software giant will launch later this year a new service–dubbed ‘Oracle Files Online’–that businesses can use to store their corporate data.” Umm… can you say covert lock-in, boys and girls?
12:57:18 AM  

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