7/19/2001; 2:43:28 PM

This imposter claims he’s the Talking Moose. Well I got news for ya, Bubba! I’m the real talking moose, and I’ve got the pictures to prove it.

Everybody sing along, now… “Will the real Talking Moose please stand up… please stand up… please stand up…”

Oh and by the way, I killed JFK!
11:09:18 PM  

Salon: What’s wrong with the music biz?. “Napster’s out of the picture, but for the first time in a decade, album sales are down — and ticket sales are sagging too.” The sub-title of this article seems to imply that Napster has something to do with the decline in sales, but looking to blame either Napster’s existence, or lack thereof, is way off the mark in my opinion.

Here’s my take: What’s really wrong with the music biz:

“The record company execs couldn’t give a rodent’s sphincter about the music itself, so how could they possibly understand their market?… The people in charge of making decisions have no interest in investing in the long-term success and growth of the truly talented musicians and songwriters, whose careers they’re supposed to be building… Is it really any wonder that their target audiences are bored to death? Is it a surprise we’re sick of hearing the same adolescent schlock over and over again?”

5:57:56 PM  


CNN: “The world’s youngest skydiver plunged into the world’s record books when her father jumped out of a plane with her strapped to his chest.

“Skydiving instructor Herman Landsman jumped from a plane on Tuesday with his two-year-old daughter Demie, at 14,000 feet above the Dutch island of Texel.”

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Salon stands by story on Condit spokeswoman. “Marshall took scrupulous notes during his interview with Ein, which confirm that she did indeed make these statements. Furthermore, Salon has learned that Ein made similar disparaging comments about Levy to at least one other reporter at a major metropolitan newspaper.”
3:05:08 PM  

OpenFlow. “is a workflow engine created with python and Zope. With OpenFlow, you can define a map of the activities to be performed, conditional paths and parallel activities.” [via A Boy and His Basement]
3:03:30 PM  

Plastic: Bankruptcy Never Felt So Good.
3:00:56 PM  

CNET: Free-speech lawsuit charges ahead. “A professor who backed out of giving a speech amid legal threats is moving ahead with a lawsuit that would allow him to present his paper at an upcoming conference.”
2:53:19 PM  

I’m getting really sick of supposed news articles that read like press releases.
2:50:57 PM  

CNN: Gay trial opens in Egypt. “A trial of 52 men accused of homosexuality under Egyptian public morality laws has opened in a Cairo state security court.”
2:46:34 PM  

BBC: Jurassic chicken ’50-100 years off’. “Reversing evolution to turn a chicken into a dinosaur might be possible before the end of the century, experts say.” Somehow I doubt this would work.
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Dictionary.com Word of the Day: carom.
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