7/23/2001; 1:08:28 AM

NASA’s Earth Observatory: Earth Likely to Warm 4-7 Degrees by 2100. “There’s a nine out of ten chance that global average temperatures will rise 3-9 degrees Fahrenheit over the coming century, with a 4-7 degree increase most likely, according to a new probability analysis by scientists in the United States and England. The most likely projected increase is five times the one-degree temperature rise observed over the past century.”
11:58:04 PM  

CNET: Senator calls for hearings on Windows XP. “Sen. Charles Schumer, of New York, issued a statement saying he will hold a press conference on Tuesday to call for committee hearings to investigate Microsoft and ‘demand that Windows XP allow users to choose their media player, messenger service and other applications instead of being forced to use Microsoft applications.'”
5:58:13 PM  

EFF: Adobe, Electronic Frontier Foundation Call for Release of Russian Programmer. “We strongly support the DMCA and the enforcement of copyright protection of digital content,” said Colleen Pouliot, Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Adobe. “However, the prosecution of this individual in this particular case is not conducive to the best interests of any of the parties involved or the industry.”
5:56:29 PM  

Wired: Net Reporting at Stake. “Free speech advocates worry that if Banamex succeeds in bringing this suit to New York state court, powerful corporations and individuals could be armed with an important precedent that would allow them to harass Internet journalists with libel suits anywhere in the world.”
5:54:32 PM  

Radio Australia: French police seize weapons quality uranium. Scary.
5:53:17 PM  

Motley Fool: Merrill Pays Investor $400K.
5:52:47 PM  

Hack the Planet: Zope 2.4 is out.
5:52:24 PM  

Cruel Site of the Day: Introducing the Microsoft Assport. “As you consider Microsoft’s kind offer to safeguard your personal information in a Passport, take a look at the Magic Link, a MSN Communities security hole that exposes random and often jaw-droppingly pornographic images stored by MSN users in photo albums.”
5:51:20 PM  

CNET: Microsoft hopes to create buzz for Stinger. “[Microsoft] will announce Monday that it invested an undisclosed sum in Sendo, a U.K.-based handset maker that is one of the four companies developing prototypes for a combination cell phone and personal digital assistant that will run on Microsoft software…”
1:10:05 AM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: avatar:

“In 1517, the year of their first contact, the Aztecs took the Spaniards to be avatars of Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent, god of learning and of wind.”

–Paul Theroux, Fresh Air Fiend
1:08:28 AM  

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