7/25/2001; 10:29:51 PM

CNN: U.S. rejects germ warfare accord.

“‘We regret that the U.S. has decided to reject this protocol. The concern is that germ weapons talks could just sink into the doldrums,’ said one European diplomat. Scientists and non-governmental organisations in Geneva for the talks urged other states to ignore Washington’s withdrawal and press ahead with negotiations on the draft…”

Yes, Please do! Put pressure on the U.S. to support real arms control agreements. Make us the odd-man-out, and then kick our butts until we figure out that it’s not worth it for us to continue to thumb our noses at the U.N. Supply some economic motivation.

We currently have an administration that thinks they can get away with anything. There are gobs of money to be made by Corporate America, by throwing all sheets to the wind, restarting the nuclear arms race with Russia, rekindling the proven-to-be-flawed Strategic Defense Initiative, and ignoring global warming, poverty and disease in the third world. Come on

What the fuck is going on in Washington? I mean really, have we fallen asleep at the wheel? How many times do we have to go through this loop? Let’s stop this insane selfishness already.

To the rest of the world: Call us on our shit. It’s time.

BTW, I’m not the only one who’s thinking this way.
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CNET: File-trading pressure mounts on ISPs. “Driven by a combination of high-profile summer movie releases and a growth in the business of independent piracy hunters, these requests are putting service providers in an awkward position. Even as they avoid facing media-industry lawyers, these ISPs risk losing their customers to competing Internet access companies that may be less aggressive about curtailing the use of file-trading software.”
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AP: Today in History.
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CNN: Astronomers search for alien lasers. “We are looking for very brief but powerful pulses of laser light from other planetary systems, rather than the steady whine of a radio transmitter,” said Frank Drake, principal investigator in the project.
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Dictionary.com Word of the Day: exhort.
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