7/26/2001; 3:47:20 PM

Ted Gup: “Never in my three years of law school had I been introduced to the term ‘borderline pornographic.’ It seems the law of the land with regard to pornography is indeed ‘knowing it when you see it.'”
5:01:40 PM  

CNET: RealNetworks cuts staff. “The way the economy is going generally and the tightness in our own market segment, we had to take steps to keep our costs in balance and make sure we manage wisely during the slowdown so that we can grow smartly when we come out of the slowdown,” said Eric Liu, vice president at RealNetworks.
4:53:21 PM  

God 2.0
4:16:18 PM  

Ananova: Rat cuts communications cable to 25,000 people.
3:47:20 PM  

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