7/28/2001; 2:37:34 AM

CNN (AP): Fox says all Mexicans in the U.S. should be legalized. “President Vicente Fox said Saturday that all Mexicans working in the United States should be legalized in recognition of their contribution to the U.S. economy… ‘It isn’t fair to consider them illegal when they are employed, when they are working productively, when they are generating so much for the American economy,’ Fox said. ‘They shouldn’t have to walk around like criminals or stay hidden.'”

8:43:46 PM  

Minotaur is “an extension which can be used from Tcl, Python, or Perl to run scripts in any of the other languages… Minotaur works by embedding one language in the other (at run time), i.e. the context ends up as a single process.” [via Paul Snively]
2:30:18 PM  

BBC: Huge fraud at the Pentagon. “Last year alone, according to investigators, Pentagon employees went on a $9bn dollar shopping spree, some of it blatantly fraudulent.”
2:24:01 PM  

Brent: “I wonder what happened to the wysiwyg HTML editor that came with OS X public beta?”
2:19:29 PM  

Jeff: “Whew! I finally got my PowerBook restored…”
2:17:43 PM  

Moose: Brand This! “Decide whether or not you love the software industry. Do you? Really?… Look at Quokka… Why were they investing more in furniture than they were investing in their people? Why do I know the name of the brand on their chairs… but I don’t know the name of a single Web designer or editor or writer that worked there?”
2:42:31 AM  

AP: Economic Growth Weakest in 8 Years. “The U.S. economy slowed to a barely discernible 0.7 percent growth rate in the spring, the weakest performance in eight years, as businesses cut back on their investment spending by the largest amount in nearly two decades.”
2:39:25 AM  

CNN: Skynryd bassist dies.
2:38:32 AM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: skulduggery.
2:37:34 AM  

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