7/31/2001; 1:16:41 PM

Brent on restaurants: “Dessert isn’t the difference between casual and fine dining.”
1:24:47 PM  

Press release: Sony Corporation of America and Yahoo! Announce Multi-Faceted Relationship. “Yahoo! Inc. and Sony Corporation of America today announced a multi-faceted agreement that leverages a wide range of assets from each company. The multi-year agreement represents a significant relationship between Sony and Yahoo!…”
1:22:36 PM  

BBC: Universe at their fingertips. “The £1.4m supercomputer is made up of 128 UltrasparcIII processors and an allied 24-processor Sunfire machine. It has 112 gigabytes of Ram and a seven terabyte storage system to hold and manipulate the vast amounts of data collected while observing the Universe.”
1:19:45 PM  

Got crack?
1:16:41 PM  

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