8/6/2001; 8:40:46 PM

Hey Paul, here’s that link you asked for. 😉
11:01:14 PM  

I missed it yesterday, but congratulations to Adam and Patricia Curry on 13 years of marriage!
10:40:33 PM  

SF Gate: S.F. drivers brace for leap in sidewalk parking fines. “Today, the Board of Supervisors will consider increasing the fine for sidewalk parking from $25 to $50. The board also may double — in some cases triple — fines for 19 other violations.” Um, guys… we need more parking spaces. How about some affordable garages downtown.
9:46:49 PM  

Wired: MS Sends Listbot to the Heap. “Other list servers have been flooded with hordes of frustrated ListBot members who are now being asked to pay for something that used to be free. FreeLists, a small site specializing in technology-related lists, posted the message ‘Welcome, former ListBot members!’ on its front door.”
9:03:17 PM  

I think this video clip of Steve Balmer is rather terrifying. Why does he look so angry?
8:40:46 PM  

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