9/5/2001; 2:10:10 PM

Microsoft gives error pages new direction. “[Microsoft] quietly introduced the change two weeks ago, updating Internet Explorer’s autosearch function to launch whenever someone types a misspelled or nonexistent domain name into the browser’s address bar. Now an MSN Search page appears by default, rather than one of several standard error pages.”

“‘Microsoft always can have a plausible customer service justification in making the service easier–and they can maintain that with the straight face. But the net effect of this is to push to the max every possible way to leverage the Windows monopoly,’ said Andrew Jay Schwartzman, president of nonprofit law firm Media Access Project… ‘Each of these individual, tiny insults may seem reasonably benign or trivial, but when you put them together they constitute a systematic effort to leverage their monopoly,’ he said.”

I want my 404s back!
2:41:07 PM  

W3C: Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.0 Becomes a W3C Recommendation. “The World Wide Web Consortium today released the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.0 Specification as a W3C Recommendation… SVG delivers two-dimensional graphics in XML to the Web, providing accessible, dynamic, reusable, and extensible vector graphics, text, and images.”
2:26:28 PM  

Ballmerfunk. [via Flangy]
2:25:16 PM  

Wired: XP Cracks Appear Before Product. A Microsoft representative says none of the cracks work. Hmmm.
2:19:52 PM  

Despair, Inc. has a patent on 🙁 ?
2:18:58 PM  

Jan Pazdziora: Docserver.pm. “allow[s] you to convert MS proprietary formats to other formats using remote Windows machine and the original MS software.” [via A Boy and His Basement]
2:15:55 PM  

Unwords.com: “Changing the English language one word at a time.”
2:12:56 PM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: arbiter.
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