9/10/2001; 1:03:08 AM

trained monkey: “whoa. earthquake.”
1:31:35 AM  

MP3newswire.net: Woman Sues Over Copy-Protected CDs. “If [the record companies] have their way, consumers will no longer own the records they buy, they will only be renting it subject to the terms dictated by the record oligopoly. These terms include not only crippling the CD, but forcing users to give up personal information in return for additional liberties, in other words giving you back some of the rights they stole from you.” [via Plastic]

A standard play from the Big-Record-Label handbook, formerly reserved for the artists they sign: 1) We remove all your rights by taking advantage of your lack of legal knowledge. 2) In heated negotiations, we concede some of those rights as an act of good faith. 3) We represent to the world that we’re doing you a favor, and that you’re getting more than you deserve, just because we’re nice, and we love you so much… Oh, and you’ve got a good smile.

What they don’t say: “Now we have a legal precident on our side, and we own your ass. Live with it. Oh, and by the way, we own the rights to your children too.<wink><glimmer></wink>”
1:29:49 AM  

That’s strange. I was just writing about something like this last week on Wes’ DG.
1:12:37 AM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: potentate.
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