9/12/2001; 11:14:21 PM

More quotes:

“I wonder one thing more than anything. How could it be that so many people hate America so, but most Americans don’t want to know why?”
Philip Winn

“Game theory assumes that all players are amenable to positive and negative reinforcement. When you’re dealing with people who don’t mind death—who in a sense even welcome it—your arsenal of negative reinforcement shrinks considerably.”
Robert Wright

“What fierce power makes human hearts such foul lumps?”
Brent Simmons

“Can one catalog the range of emotions from a day like yesterday? I really don’t think I could so I’m not even going to try.”
Josh Lucas

“I am heartened by the displays of heroism, by the police and firefighters in New York, by the passengers of United flight 93, and even by the thousands of people who flooded blood banks here in San Francisco. For every ounce of evil there are ten tons of good.”
Jeff Cheney

“As I stood in line, someone (very loudly and in a very accusing tone) asked: ‘Are you from Afghanistan??’ All eyes turned upon me, burning, each one accompanied with accusatory frowns.”

“We weep a little, try to comfort each other. We go about our business, attending to the necessary things of life. We seek facts, clinging to shreds. We exhaust our emotions and sink into fitful sleep.”

“We have a choice: we may try to understand, or refuse to do so, contributing to the likelihood that much worse lies ahead.”
Noam Chomsky
11:59:59 PM  

CNN: Israeli troops enter West Bank. “Overnight, the Israeli army had entered the Jenin refugee camp, Palestinian sources said, resulting in an exchange of fire between Palestine gunmen and Israeli troops.” The last thing we need right now, is for anyone to use the terrorist attacks in the U.S. to be used as an excuse for an esclation of violence.
11:59:59 PM  

geeknik.net: What do you make of this? “Check out this picture, and then check out this video at CNN…” Strange, and scary, but just a coincidence, IMHO.
11:59:59 PM  

My SMTP server has been getting blasted by spammers since early tuesday morning (around 2:00 AM PST). The server is sending an average of 30-50 bounces to my postmaster account per hour.

Though I’m no stranger to being spammed, I’m a bit surprised to have had my lowly three-user SMTP server be discovered a mere matter of hours before yesterday’s hijackings took place on the East Coast.

The server has been running for 22 months. There are no public references to it on the Internet, except in the DNS system. The server’s DNS record has not changed since the server was first turned on.

All of the spam is of two variations on a single theme: The Bible on CD-ROM. Here are the subject headers:

Subject: ATTENTION – COMPLETE Bible ON CD-ROM ..3980
Subject: WORTH WHILE Bible ANSWERS ON CD 3890     1792

The To headers specify normal looking mailboxes, at seemingly normal domains — mostly on major providers — msn, earthlink, etc.

My inner paranoiac is telling me to save log files indefinitely, in case this is some sort of widespread cyber-attack, or coded ‘GO’ message used by the terrorists yesterday. I hope I’m just being paranoid.

Is anyone else getting hit by this particular spam attack? If so, please let me know.
11:36:43 PM  

craigslist has a bunch of links to disaster resources, including a Red Cross wish-list.
11:14:21 PM  

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