9/19/2001; 3:45:19 AM

Oliver Wrede: “The common opinion in Germany seems to be that USA made big mistakes in their foreign affairs policy. Bush pulled back from peace talks in Israel… He intensified bombing Iraq. [The] USA ignored international efforts in ecology by dismissing the Kyoto protocol. The Bush administration thought it could simply lock out the world from USA interests and go for the ‘American way of life’ – which simply is stating, that USA will focus on national interests and ignore concerns raised by many other countires.”
4:07:25 AM  

Salon: Dan Rather’s tears. “Journalists don’t cry on camera. That was before last week.”

“‘I’m a professional. I get paid not to do that,’ Rather said briskly to Letterman and the audience, directly following the commercial break that Letterman quickly called after Rather first lost his composure. Rather had been talking about the time he’d spent with rescue workers at the World Trade Center site, when, it seemed, he simply lost touch with whatever internal mechanism it is that keeps any of us on an even keel in times of distress. It could happen to anyone — it just happened to strike a man whose livelihood depends on a measure of detachment from the events around him, and he scrambled to regain his footing like a cat who’s fallen off a windowsill.”

I saw this live (well not quite, since I’m on the West Coast, so it was three hours delayed). What I saw in Rather was an exhausted man who has probably been getting four hours of sleep per night, or less, for the last week. Remember what he was like in the aftermath of the election crisis last November?

I saw a man who has been through more than his share of conflicts in his life, and who is exasperated at the prospect of having to endure yet another.
4:04:00 AM  

CNET: Freespeech.org ends free hosting service.
3:55:49 AM  

Pravda: Chechen Print in Terror Acts in the USA. “In a rebel hiding place in Chechnya, a CD was found containing instructions for a pilot and a technical description of the Boeing-737. According to spokesman for the Chechen office of Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), the CD was kept in a local citizen’s house. In the same house, a CD with a detailed electronic map of Chechnya was found. According to preliminary information, the hiding place belongs to a bandit group headed by field commander with nickname ‘Abdurahman the Little’.” Spin from Russia?
3:51:04 AM  

BBC: Spy satellites retasked. Apparently a couple of cavilian satellites are included.
3:48:17 AM  

Flangy hates computers. Some days, so do I.
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Dictionary.com Word of the Day: dictum.
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